• Bring us last years tax return from another tax preparer with a paid receipt and I guarantee to prepare this years return (containing the same forms)  for the same or less.*


​  * IF there are additional forms prepared (over the previous year) there will be an additional cost.


  • I WILL apply all applicable deductions, adjustments and credits to ensure you receive the largest refund allowed by law.  

How can I guarantee this?  

  • By understanding tax law.  As an enrolled agent (EA) and master tax preparer with over 30 years of experience, I know tax law.  
  • As I get to know your individual situation, not only will I ensure you pay the least amount of tax and receive the largest refund allowed by law,
  • I will also provide advice to ensure your pay less tax and keep more of your hard earned money in subsequent years.  


  • Every paid tax return receives our accuracy guarantee at no additional charge.  If I make a mistake on your tax return, I pay all penalties and interest.  

In order to qualify for the guarantee you must

  • Ensure that you notify our office in writing or in person within 30 days of your first notice from any taxing authority.  Follow up tax correspondence must be forwarded in person within five workdays of receipt,
  • Provide all documentation related to the claim, including letters from the taxing authority.
  • Provide all documentation requested by our office.
  • Allow our office to challenge the taxing authority.

Coverage under the Accuracy Guarantee does not apply to the following cases

  • You provide inaccurate, false, or incomplete information.
  • You are unable to substantiate a deduction, credit or other position taken on the covered tax return.
  • You failed to timely file or pay the taxes indicated as due, on the tax return.
  • Fraud
  • Void if you file with another tax preparation company.

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